Using Namecheap With Gitlab Pages

Trying to set up a subdomain using to point to your custom Gitlab Page was much more annoying that expected. Gitlab’s Documentation on the subject was quite a bit confusing when attempting to replicate it using Namecheap’s DNS management…

Namecheap is the domain registrar which provides my domain name. What I wanted to do was point to To do that you need to do three steps:

  1. Create a Gitlab page for yourself
  2. Configure your Gitlab Page with the new domain
  3. Set up the Namecheap DNS

Create a Gitlab Page

Creating a Gitlab Page is pretty easy. Simply create a repository under your account called Now any code you push to that repo will appear at

Configure your Gitlab Page with the new domain.

Once you have created your Gitlab page. Go to your project’s page and in the Settings select Pages.

Click New Domain and add your new subdomain. Note: in this image I have while the remaining images have, this is because I took this screenshot after I had already set everything up for blog. Just assume blog2 == blog.

I also disabled Force HTTPS since I didn’t feel like buying an SSL certificate.

Gitlab Page Domain Configuration

Once you have set up your subdomain, you should get a screen that looks like this:

Gitlab Page Domain Configuration

Set up the Namecheap DNS

Now in your Namecheap Advanced DNS setup, add the following lines. Note your values will be different from what I have below. Your values should be pulled from the Gitlab Pages domain setup.

Type Host Value
A Record blog
TXT Record blog gitlab-pages-verification-code=e081d1a324f94310c14ab68f5b99a3e86
TXT Record gitlab-pages-verification-code=e081d1a324f94310c14ab68f5b99a3e86

The IP address is the main IP address of the Gitlab Pages server. Everyone’s Gitlab page resides at the same IP addres. To distinguish your page from someone else’s, you will need to add the TXT record that was generated for you. If you do not add this you will get an error when trying to access your domain.

Gitlab Page Domain Configuration

Once you have the DNS information set up. You should be able to go back to your Gitlab Pages settings and click the Retry Verification button. If everything was setup correctly, your page should be verified and look like this:

Gitlab Page Domain Configuration

Now accessing your subdomain will point you to your hosted Gitlab page.

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